Sayh al Uhaymir 562 Meteorite Thin Section

Unbrecciated Eucrite

Cross polarized light. Camera: Nikon D810. Zerene Stacker. Picture Window Pro. GIMP. Imagemagick. digicamcontrol.


NWA 11220 Meteorite Thin Section. This is a Martian Basaltic Breccia! From the crust of Mars when it had liquid water on its surface.


NWA 2364 Meteorite Thin Section


Plus, be sure to view the links to the before/after comparisons of this thin section and the original fragment.

Added Disqus to website in the hope of stimulating conversations on meteorites :)

Starting with the NWA 4662 panorama all images are edited and composed in 16 bit color space. It does require powerful a computer. For instance the NWA 4662 tiff is 6.9 GB in size! It was created in Amazon cloud server and I think I saw at one point it was using over 150 GB of RAM... woww

NWA 960 Meteorite Thin Section in cross polarized light. This is an Anomalous Ordinary Chondrite (OC3). More information and panoramas can be found here:

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