for anyone trying to find the steam screenshots folder on linux, because the "view screenshots" button doesn't work (and apparently never has)

they're in ~/.steam/debian-installation/userdata/[your user id]/760/remote/[game id]/screenshots

isnt steam great

it should be illegal to put random dot files in people's home directories when .config and the likes exist

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its even worse when they don't even bother to put a dot in front of the name

who do you think you are, project zomboid. you are not important enough to have your own directory in my home folder. go away and use .config like the rest of us.

and special fucks to clustertruck for not just creating its own directory, but calling it "My Games" as if we're on windows and it's some sort of standard to have a directory like that in your home folder when, again, we already have a standard for this

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i believed in you, rust. i thought you were better than this. i hope you're satisfied.

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@hirojin @lynnesbian
Let's guess!
The theme looks similar to Numix. Since I've only seen that on GTK before I initially thought it was a Nautilus fork (which would've led me to say XFCE), but I'm starting to see parallels to Dolphin (the directory up button, sidebar structure and bottom bar), so I'm guessing it to be something Qt based, most likely KDE (who uses LxQt anyway?).

@solarkraft @hirojin it's cinnamon with the arc-gtk theme and the file manager is nemo, which is indeed a nautilus fork!


@lynnesbian @hirojin
Woah - that speaks both against my knowledge of common Linux software and *for* its diversity and customizability!

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