Oh wow ubuntu is switching back to Gnome (thus ditching Unity). This is good news. Fedora with Gnome was already nicer than Ubuntu back in ~2010 (IIRC). You can read more about it here: arstechnica.com/information-te

Here are 3 things why I believe the future of Ruby can be bright:

1) Lots of modern libraries are growing very fast these days
2) Modern Ruby implementations are in the works, and they show very promising improvements in performance. Especially TruffleRuby[1] and Ruby+OMR[2]
3) Rails seems to have less influence on the ecosystem these days (controversial? maybe)

1) chrisseaton.com/rubytruffle/
2) developer.ibm.com/open/2016/11

Listening to the new Mastodon album. Tooting about it on Mastodon. My head just exploded.


TIL I have 13 commits in hanami project. *Lucky* 13 obviously ;)

Hanami 1.0.0 was released today. This is fantastic news for Ruby community. You can read more about it here: hanamirb.org/blog/2017/04/06/a

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Tip of the day:

You can bridge with Twitter so others can find you, and you can find them:

If you have the URL for a toot on another instance you can add it to the search bar on your home instance (above the compose field) to get your local interactions (boost, reply etc.)

Given how many times I wanted to tweet something, hit char limit, couldn’t rephrase to make it fit, and did a table flip eventually, I feel like I’d like to stay here. This depends, unfortunately, if more folks will join Mastodon and move away from twitter.

Holy shit look at this long message, still >100 chars to go ha-ha-ha.

ps. hello world, follow me if you’re into programming and Good Music™


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