Oh wow ubuntu is switching back to Gnome (thus ditching Unity). This is good news. Fedora with Gnome was already nicer than Ubuntu back in ~2010 (IIRC). You can read more about it here: arstechnica.com/information-te

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@solnic That's good news, unity was never my thing! :-) Thanks for sharing!

@solnic also it's god to know that community it's gonna keep unity 8 & ubuntu phone alive

@solnic as a long-ago full-time Linux user, I'm feeling increasingly tempted to try going back.

But then I think about the productivity hit 😅

@timriley same here man, same here. I check ubuntu/fedora every now and then but I always realize that it’d distract me too much if I used it on a daily basis as my primary work env…no matter how much I love linux heh

@solnic It's not really a design decision though. It's just they are out of money and had to cut like half of jobs, so...


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