‪Please take the mics away from news anchors already and just give them to the reporters on ground, who, one can hope, will state facts. The assault on our senses, thanks to news channels, has already begun. Under-prepared monologues, zero depth & perspective with amazing voice modulation. Give us a break.

Supreme Court to deliver verdict in Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid title suit tomorrow at 10:30 am.

On the birdsite, I follow some people out of politeness. But on this baby elephant site, bhaar mein jaao yaar. Please keep the “i scratch your back, you scratch mine” vibes on birdsite only please. Yaha aaltu-faaltu hype vibes mat do please.

indianexpress.com/article/citi The Indian Express travels with Delhi Police’s Senior Citizen Cell beat officers to homes of men and women above 60 to explore the various relationships they have forged.

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indianexpress.com/article/delh As a blaze ravaged Hotel Arpit Palace last week, many guests found themselves with no place to go. The Indian Express recreate the hotel’s interior and reconstruct the sequence of events in the critical moments after the fire was detected.

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THANK GOD MY BEST FRIEND AND RELATIVES ARE NOT ON MASTODON YET! I can’t ever vent about these pricks (I mostly love dearly) on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Not gonna encourage my people to join Mastodon. Lol.

Remember remember,
the 8th of November,
your accounts and your wallets so swiftly dismembered.
From arguments about borders
To ATMs out of order
Was it worth the negligible
black money surrendered?

indianexpress.com/article/delh No cars, pathways lined with trees, and red sandstone benches — by March 2020, a 1.3-km stretch in Chandni Chowk will sport a new look. The Indian Express explores how a redevelopment project is updating one of Delhi’s busiest and oldest markets.

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Over the next five years, a mega project to reimagine and redevelop the heart of Delhi will take shape. The Indian Express reports on the history, and future, of Lutyens’ Delhi. indianexpress.com/article/citi

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indianexpress.com/article/indi Since a 23-year-old LLM fellow student of this college accused former BJP minister Swami Chinmayanand of rape and sexual harassment . In a town where the 73-year-old’s writ runs large, they only talk about ‘her’ in whispers. I report from Shahjahanpur:

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Apart from daily reporting for The Indian Express, I also attempt long-form as often as I can. Sharing some pieces here:

Have people already said “let’s get tootin’”?

indianexpress.com/article/citi Despicable behaviour of lawyers — a video from Tis Hazari shows DCP North Monika Bhardwaj being chased out of the clash spot by a mob of lawyers.

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indianexpress.com/article/indi report: 1 of the 4 death row convicts in the Dec 16 gangrape case had filed a mercy petition. This means, Tihar Jail cannot move on the case of the others 3 convicts till the President of India decides on the mercy petition, says Delhi Prisons DG

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Wow, this is like Twitter circa 2009. Zero wisdom and jokes to impart. So, just gonna drop my pieces on crime, labour, and heritage here:

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