Mastodon! After giving it some careful consideration, I've decided I like it. But I've also decided to jump to a smaller instance with what I hope will be a more relevant and interesting local timeline, so follow me there at @sonya for all the latest bants. I'll keep this around as a backup account.

Public service announcement: anything after ? in an URL is probably an ad tracker and can be safely left out when sharing the web page. Not sure? Try loading the page without it. If the page works, you didn't need it.

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So, a couple of weeks ago I saw Garbage, one of my two favourite bands, in concert for this first time. I’ve been in love with Shirley Manson since I was 15, and it was everything I wanted it to be. With apologies to Future Wife, our wedding can now only be the second happiest day of my life.

These botanical tattoos by Rita, an artist from Kyiv, are amazing. Their technique is to arrange a plant on the body, then use ink to stamp the leaves and petals on the skin, and then tattoo over it.

the english alphabet has 21 letters and also the greek alphabet has 23 letters right?
oh wait i forgot: U R A Q T π

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Well it sure as heck didn’t feel or look like summer coming out of the conference. I even had my Happy Summer Music playlist on this morning, I wonder if that was the last time this year?

Well this was a much nicer start to the morning than usual. Even feels like summer again! ^_^

rom hacks for every single mario game from smb3 onward that adjusts all the in-game text to avoid deadnaming bowsette

Facebook kremlinology: Instagram founders' exodus signals immanent facebookization

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