Pronouncing 'antidote' like I pronounce 'Antigone'

O god, I can see my breath! There’s frost on the cars. I’m not ready for this! Heckin’ heck! Bring me back the fiery sky ball!

NASA Releases a Massive Online Archive: 140,000 Photos, Videos & Audio Files Free to Search and Download

Your email address is shared with nearly half of the apps you install, and many ask for "risky" permissions they often don't need.

@Symantec analyzed the top 100 free apps and compiled this infographic and checklist for better mobile #privacy.

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The 41 year old Voyager missions are only still ongoing because some naughty scientists literally filled their fuel tanks to the brim - without telling anyone. The missions were only ever authorised to go as far as Saturn. Read the whole interview with Dr Garry Hunt here:

If you're bored and want to spend the rest of the afternoon not doing any work, check out this archive of actual photos taken by the Voyager space craft.

hey guys!!! its my FRIGGIN birthday!!! CAN I GET SOME MOTHERHECKIN BOOSTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD

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