the past few months have been really weird and slightly traumatic. all i've been doing is making shitty memes about my favorite smooth jazz fusion band The Rippingtons. i guess this is my version of coping.

whenever my partners have a nuanced discussion about politics in the group chat, i pop in occasionally to say that dogs should be able to vote

there's verified accounts? how does one get verified

dang there's been a lot of nice little changes to the site since i last logged in

it's been a rough 2 weeks but i'm hanging in there. i turned 21 on the 19th of january, my girlfriend visited me during my birthday week, and my other girlfriend is coming to visit me tomorrow. i've also released a new tape ( things are bad but they could be worse i guess

hey mastodon. sorry i'm so bad at checking the site

i've just decided i'm gonna get really good at speedrunning pokemon red/blue

i turn 21 years old on the 19th and yes, i will be going to a bar/arcade

i released an hour's worth of unreleased tracks and other rarities on bandcamp yesterday, u should give it a listen <3

my personal faves on the album are Girl Pills, Please Hold, Empty Road at Night, and Untitled

i'm gonna start posting again here more regularly. i forgot how much i still like this platform

"Smalltalk was created as the language to underpin the 'new world' of computing exemplified by 'human–computer symbiosis.'"

smalltalk is so cyberpunk omg

i'm learning Smalltalk and my girlfriends are helping me when i get stuck and i'm very excited to become as cyber as them :3

as a resident of chicago, i personally get murdered an average of 5 times a week

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