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sad so many people are meeting mastodon the shy quiet kid and wondering why masto doesn't have the skills to give all of them the time and care they need all at the same time just yet ... kid's gotta work on it first, but they're a great friend

so when this posts, hi i'm sophia park, i am a narrative designer and i make interactives. you may know forgotten? idk it's a twine where you're in a CGA computer with sentient NPCs, it's pretty alright!


let's be friends

just gonna log onto cosy lil mastodon . . .
. . .
what happened

for fuck's sake every time i come here someone else migrated to a different instance and my feed just seems to get quieter because i didn't see in time to follow

actually i guess OS X reviews are a little like speedruns that way, it's like SUPER indepth nerdery that is easy to lose yourself in theraputically

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I think people come here expecting this to be a corporate run site backed by a team of devs but in actuality it's run by like one guy with a bunch of people contributing sporadically sooooooo
temper your criticism with that in mind

just to clarify they're really interesting but they also make me calm down enough to sleep

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I get ready to sleep by reading ars technica OS X reviews 😳

i'm trying to be less coy and more I'M TRANS I'M TRANS OKAY these days

are you a mutual? are you not? whatever??? my signal is empty, dm me if you want to be on my contact list so we can look at each other there

wait, is this because they changed how the UI works on twitter? what?

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