Can you perhaps check why it won't work?

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Seems I can't migrate my account :(

Despite having this set up as an alias at the new one.....

Anyway: follow me @labellaragassa

So, I have been working from home for some months now and I have been videocalling. Note that I have ADSL and using cable rather than WiFi.

Skype for business has connection issues sometimes (claiming my internet is bad, LOL). Teams was very good and my camera seemed better. Same for Zoom. Google meet was awful, connection dropped and lagged (granted, was using WiFI). Will be interesting to see how other platforms compare

Thinking about podcasting or perhaps something with video.

Howdy peeps!

How is everyone doing these days?

Which sites do you use to find nice quotes or poems to transcribe?

So, let's talk games and consoles.

I like platformers and adventure games. And sims. Crash Bandicoot and Mario I would enjoy as well. Would the be the better console for me?

Now Tomb Raider was free on Steam, I finally decided to gave it try. And wow!

So a while ago I wanted an electric blue ink and thought Pilot Iroshizuku Asa Gao would be a great choice.
Now I saw a comparison of Asa Gao with Visconti Blue (which I have). Very similar, so now I switched my choice to Kon Peki.

Goodmorning everyone! How is the going? And the working from home?

Anyone good with here?

I created a new site and a theme, updated the config-file and everything. But still I get the message that my newtheme gem can't be found.

Ugh. What did I miss or do wrong?

With a previoux project it went perfectly, and I can't imagine I did something different in my approach.

Quite happy with my new personal site and I really liked working with

But I guess my other website is to big tu use Jekyll, so I am keeping that on MODx.

Going to save for a electric blue ink.

While Lamy Blue is an nice ink, I dislike how it fades

Iroshizuku Asa-gao is on my list.

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