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сс-0 tiles collection.
(sculpts, templates, 4 packs of ready to use tiles, 6 prebaked sets for game engine).
all links inside the thread.


Continued to work on the my little system and developed other tools on the way. Took me quite some time to figure these out...Hopefully it can be useful for you. Available on gumroad if you're interested, with some example included :) #b3d #geometrynodes


smol tip:
if you are baking large (8k in my case) UDIMs, **don't** do it in the same blend file.
even if lowpoly object has 1 empty material and hipoly sculpt has no materials, blender keeps loading tons of shit in ram for whatever reason.
i have predefined file for baking and i just paste all needed objects there, and close everything, that eats ram.
it goes waaay faster in separate file.

I don't know if I ever posted this Fist of the Forgotten development log here. I'm working on a new one, but man, they take forever!

yet another nice update of
fsearch not working with 'error while loading shared libraries:'
there is no shortcut for konsole anymore.
nice update! i wonder what else is not working

Don't be afraid of shaders in Godot! They're not scary black magic voodoo. This tutorial should help get you started with the basics.

same level of 'grease' on skin, but different lighting.
i always though, that greasy skin should be noticeable even in scattered light.

Show me how long you've been using Linux with an image in the replies:

Баловался с нейронками.

В этот раз обучил rudalle на масках в стиле стимпанк

This is a really well made explaination of:

How To Use The Map Range Node || Blender Concepts via @YouTube
#b3d #blender3d #blender

- nose
- ears
- cheeks
- cheekbones
- chin
- upper lip

rebaking first 8k udim tile took me 11min.
other 3 tiles 40-50 min each 😭
why, ?

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This is what happens when I optimize Fist of the Forgotten for potatoes then get an RTX 3080.

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