i feel like humans shouldnt have to know so much to just exist. what the fuck is an interest rate

just a girly dude. a weird little fella. a strange goblin who keeps shifting. a curiosity in the woods

hit might be better if everyone just became a single issue voter and stopped arguing the trolley problem headgame with every election

Did a good shop last night and noticed the change in my own behaviour. Instead of simply putting regular items in the trolley I was looking at every price, thinking "That's up 10%, that was 16% more a few days ago and they're advertising a price cut, that's up 25%..."
I bought less than usual, though not cheaper as I was asking myself "do we really need that, can we get by until next week and see if they drop the price"
I'm on what should be a decent wage, though haven't had a real payrise in almost a decade (I asked this year for a rise and was refused).
I don't know how anyone worse off is able to cope. This isn't do I buy value beans, it's can I afford carrots?
Supermarkets are playing with people's lives trying to find the optimal price point, and the government is a deathcult of neoliberal capitalist ideology. We should be fucking rioting in the streets, enough is enough.

ill never vote for any politician who does the "white dress shirt but the sleeves are rolled up so you know theyve been workin" thing

i dont know what this actually means if anyone knows pls tell me

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if youre a professional in the synthesizer industry and youre following me, i am so grateful but also so, so sorry 😭

my star chart is literally just sagittarius everything. no idea how im still alive

Jordan Peterson, to his daughter on her wedding day: Sorry. Not beautiful. And no amount of authoritarian tolerance is going to change that.

we have a responsibility to warn potential extraterrestrials of humanity's presence before we grow and destroy all life in the galaxy

if the human brain has learned anything it should be that it's a bad idea to build your mech suit out of the same meats as you

have canadian liberals renamed poutine to zoelenskyye yet?

every time i turn a certain age i just remind myself that i already turned that age ~9 months ago according to some religious extremists

oh you like my half sleeve its actually a comparison list of all the differences between the original and hd remaster of Final Fantasy X-2 but in futhark runes. if you noticed this then you love me now hell yeah

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new kinds of people invented in the last five or so years: boomer, zoomer, coomer, doomer, laura loomer

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