my brain is a genius it can look at any painting and recreate it flawlessly for my viewing pleasure

708 CE: I've just been promoted to Senior Vice President of Krogan Condoms! Here's to a very profitable next few years!

im working to detach my brain from them as a concept but ive spent way too long trophy hunting and its affected the way i enjoy things

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gamer shit 

trophies and achievements as percentages actually kinda suck. nothing like trying to enjoy a game and then being told the best you'll ever do is 60% unless you play on Hellfire Extreme Mode on your fourth playthrough, or wade through over 100hrs of toxic pvp

like, i get what they mean and it feels good to Be Right and point at a definition, but there are other ways people use words in different fields and applications, and different ways to think and feel about words as well

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remember when people threatened to kill me cause i tried to say that opacity could be alternatively defined as a parameter of an object's ability to be seen through or not, and they all said it was exclusively the latter?

anyway, prescriptivism is evil

right after walking into the first trap room in Cube


Jeans by LEJE

if you're cooking and someone's vegan it's really easy to just leave some extra ingredients out on the side. i'll eat flour i dont care

not a single recommendation that would have fixed this situation huh? just shills for brands, no practical application advice

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funny how RE8 comes out and suddenly those hacks over on flashlight reddit have nothing to say

third-party controllers then: we have TURBO functions and better grips, we have awesome lights and more weight.

third-party controllers now: we're less expensive pls its all we can do

make sure to buy the $50 cleaning tool for crumbs-in-the-folding-part of your new flip phone. its a tax for liking doritos

which means there are like two good pics of me in existence

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kinda hate how friends and family cannot take good photographs and i have to be the one

i would like to congratulate mulaney on the transition if thats whats going on

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