i have two small chairs on my back porch now so if you wanna come over and smoke we can do that

and this is the universe where i hunt down and kill the bat me

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Cuz Science!

did i enjoy Sonic 3D Blast? sure. Does it mean that it was a good game? No, it means i liked to roll around in dogshit and i have to be at peace with that

umbrella academy but its not a superhero thing, it's an animated film about a bunch of baby umbrellas going to school for umbrella'ing. then theres a lace umbrella meant to be a fancy protection from the sun and it gets really bad scores in school because it can't conform

and to think that every one of them spent four years at an academy

hands are just spiders that you have mind control over

they won't care how much you soldered it together yourself lol

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wow if having money for cold cuts can get you canceled, wait until the idiots hear about synthesizer leftists

a glitch that lets players obtain an infinite amount of an in-game currency called "jest" has recently been patched

cancel all blues music until we can get this cops situation figured out

did you think this one through, mate?

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We propose to in order to invest in more effective alternatives that would better support public safety.

The era of predatory policing has undermined both public safety and civil rights for far too long.

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