how do christians explain heaven really?

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how do you not get bored? eternity is gonna be a long time.

what if youre afraid of heights? can you see the ground from the clouds? which ground?

do people go to church? whats the point if youre already saved? is there even a concept of weeks or weekends?

soup? what about bowls and spoons? who has to do the dishes

i dont mean any of this as a knock against christians - ive really come around to understanding lots of them. its just that i cant think of a heaven that would be any good

You know how when you’re having a good time with friends, and time seems to stop? Heaven is kind of like that. It’s the eternal experience of Truth, Beauty, and Love.

Eternity is not merely unending chronological time (χρόνος) as we experience it now. It’s an unending moment (καιρός) of participation in the perfect love that God has for His Son in the Spirit.

You don’t “go to church” in Heaven. Heaven 𝗶𝘀 worship, the Eternal Wedding Banquet of Christ and His Bride.

You can get a sneak peak of heaven by visiting the divine services of the Orthodox Church where we participate in the heavenly worship of God, so I’ll see you 8:30am Sunday morning for Matins! 😉

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