sorry for not being active much ive been grinding the hell out of them's fightin herds

i'm calling bullshit on this whole epic-apple spat. epic doesn't care about consumer freedom, all of this is just two corporations fighting over money

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i crave a pinebook pro rn

pinebook pro owners, how is it?

i vaguely remember a feminist saying something like "beer analogies in free software are misogynist" but i dont remember where i heard that and it's a fucking shame i'd love to frame that quote and laugh at it every time i wake up in the morning

please don't recommend a proprietary extension as the solution

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is there an option to automatically have firefox use the html version of duckduckgo for searches without having to go through duckduckgo's own no-js redirect? i've noticed the html version is considerably faster

lewd, privacy violation 

daily reminder that NSA employees love passing around the naked photos that they mine from women's DMs

hearing person: *something unintelligible*

me: can you repeat that

hearing person: never mind

really hate this shit -_-

is there a good place to watch for Samsung mobile CVEs I'm curious

manjaro and mint are great if you like outdated packages, expired SSL certs, constant amateur hour fuckups by the maintainers and questionable benefits

if you are a new user, i beg you, just pick an official ubuntu flavor. this is coming from someone that really hates snapd

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if you are a new user you should not be using arch and you should not be using derivative distros that claim to make it accessible

rolling releases are not for beginners

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this manjaro drama is really making me think maybe people shouldnt use shitty arch derivatives

i will never log off except it's I WILL NEVER INSTALL ZOOM

resistance dot social, ableist language 

that resist instance is really going off about "special needs kids", "severe autism" etc i hate them so much

I don't see a particular need to connect my ebook reader to the internet. I don't own any DRMed books, I don't like ads and I don't want it to download new firmware updates without my permission. I'm quite content syncing it with my PC through a USB connection with Calibre and have never wanted to use any of the device's internet features

copyright is built on the notion of an "original work", something that doesn't truly exist and must be arbitrarily defined in order for a law based on the concept to be possible to execute

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