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i'm ready to talk some SHIT
smoke some WEED
eat some FOOD
make some COINS
and love all my FRIENDS.

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Will you take the Red pill? Or the blue pill?
Both pills are those grow dinosaurs and they will expand to block your esophagus completely.

Today's gender is a fight to the death that slowly turns into a steamy makeout sesh

TIRED: straight folks doing ten year transformation posts

WIRED: trans folks and other queer people doing ten year transformation posts

sexual content; grindr 

You know how sometimes people will say something that comes out of nowhere and just leaves you sorta speechless? Yeah.

If I've been absent from social media it's because I've been playing so much Breath of the Wild lately that I now qualify for dual citizenship in Hyrule.

Tired: aliens made the great pyramids of Egypt

Wired: ancient Egypt achieved interstellar flight early. a subpopulation left Earth to colonize new planets. unknown to the space colonies, who are now thousands of light years away, the people of earth endured a series of wars, famines, and dictatorships that sought to trample scientific advances and historical records. The conspiring kings repurposed the pyramids as their tombs. tucked away is old data on FTL, but we lack the hardware to read th

Selfie; eye contact; a lovely man in a sweater 

I hope everyone who celebrates Christmas had a lovely day filled with family and friends (and with wine, which is what I was filled with)

I love catholic midnight mass because it's beautiful but I have a few issues with it logistically, mainly that I've been cooking and drinking wine all afternoon and then I have to go to the pilot episode of TLC's 'I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant with the Savior" and not make jokes

Probably nsfw even though its drawn; partial nudity; cute dudes and cat 

Some art I worked on before my travels today. They're boyfriends!

Petition to create a rule at colleges and universities that automatically subtracts a letter grade from someone when that person posts their grades on Facebook

Friendship ended with RATIONAL POSITNG.

Now NONSENSE TOOTS are my best friend.

Should I watch Voltron? Idk what it is except robots

Friendship ended with RATIONAL POSITNG.

Now NONSENSE TOOTS are my best friend.

why mastodon is the best site

facebook: you will be deleted for saying "im gay"

tumblr: horny is now illegal

twitter: hornt on main is bad, have a hornt alt

mastodon: hornt on main is valid self expression and is supported, but not at the expense of those who are not hornt and therefore we have content warnings as a default feature.

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