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im here to say that hrothgar suck!! and im mad about it!

this dude won't just take some god damn allergy pills. his sneezes are extremely fuckin loud to the point of making me jump. just take some pills christ

im not the one waking up 10 minutes before work starts. stop making me ur little scapegoat

manager @ my ride/roommate: hey ur always late
roommate: its my roommates fault even though ive been late since i started working here every single day
me: is up at 7 and ready 30 mins before we SHOULD leave so we're not late to work

ah yes. its my fault 👌

ive been so busy i didnt even have time to draw at all during my winter break and now im back at work 😞

fun! fun! jokes and fun! (?) the fella is just a wee bit unsetteling

thank god voltron is over. were free for a little bit until they migrate to a new fandom.

funny how i go to get my meds at this other place and oh wow they actually have my shit!! interesting

stuff like this has consistently happened at that pharmacy over the 2 yrs i got my stuff there. i stopped taking my meds in the past bc they said my doctor wouldn't get to back to them before and i just thought she didn't want me prescribed for that thing anymore

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the pharmacy i usually get my meds from has been making up excuses as to why they still don't have my shit. called my doctor today and she said NO ONE has called about a prescription for me the past week. they also got a prescription to fill on nov 19th and still hadnt ordered it on dec 3rd. i switched to a different place bc im sick of their excuses. all of this almost seems like some kind of loophole to "legally" not serve me bc my existence hurts their feefees

8 more days until my winter break.. man i dont even know what im going to do on break. not going to work feels weird

"people shouldn't draw/write ANY trauma to cope with actual trauma they had because i can't seem to just not stick my nose in places where i shouldn't. also i don't like it. I'm the only person on the internet that matters, of course."

holy fuck so many ppl on pillowfort now the site takes 10 yrs to load

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