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monsterfuckers I need help please:
I'm making a monster dating game and I need to know what kind of monsters people are most into. this poll has... a lot but multiple answers are allowed. please answer if you can!!

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in heaven there are neither tops or bottoms for all are one christ

if it were not for the laws of this land (everyone has guns but me) I would have slaughtered you for not keeping your puppy inside her fence

@ whoever's tiny baby puppy came to my house: call me back soon or she's mine, bitch

my therapist cancelled so I guess I get to have a breakdown at home instead

can you fucking kinnies let me complain about a character without getting all emo for like fifteen seconds

it's the 17th of Daily Duck December. i do not have a clever caption, i am simply in awe of the amount of friendship energy this image gives off

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kink talk 

I saw some viva pinata scat porn on tumblr once so maybe this ban isn't so bad

"hm, that's a lot of dirtbiking suit pictures for someone who isn't very sporty" I say, moments before destruction

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