Theory: If you have a failed/ing battery on your MacBook Pro the OS won’t tell you. Obviously the OS knows, there are tons of sensors in these batteries, but Apple doesn’t want to tell the user the battery is bad because it’s not supposed to be user serviceable. So instead it just lets the machine degrade and randomly crash to force the user to bring it in. Unless you are like me and take your laptop apart because you think the SSD is failing only to find a battery balloon.

@spacerog Then you discover that Apple used superglue to to affix the battery to the palmrest, so you can't just swap out the battery without breaking out the acetone or replacing half of the laptop.

@spacerog After a cold night last year my macbook air popped up a 'service battery' notification. Service battery stayed in the energy menu until I replaced it.

Sensor might have broken when your battery ballooned.

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