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"So this is the fabled magical library of Anorankh-Lar?"
"So what books about magic do you have?"
"None, that I know."
"But the library can move in space and time?"
"As far as I am aware, no."
"Then how is it magical?"
"It is a library."

Why does Apple voice recognition correctly transcribe your words until you hit the end button then all the words change to something else that make no grammatical sense? I mean it got it right the first time, but you know it Has to try to be better and as a result screws it up. Then I have to spend more time editing then it would if I had just typed it out to begin with.

So wait is @golemproject just AirBnB for video cards? Thats either insanely stupid or brilliant.

Especially when one of the Florecent lights is blinking in time to the music.

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Hearing 80s Punk and New Wave on the supermarket Musac really kind of freaks me out.

Pet Peeve: super advanced technology allows high def video conference calls over the Internet, and people turn off their cameras.

Red Sox in the World Series is one of the very very few times I watch actual live TV. As a result I only got the absolute basic cable TV package with my Internet. Concast almost forces you to get TV. Like $10 a month cheaper to get a package with TV than without. However, the low-end package does not include HD channels. Because you know, they’re still in 1998 or some shit. So I end up having to pirate an HD stream over the Internet, and I am still forced to listen to Joe Buck.

So Google has Mr Rogers pimping the Pixel3. Mr Rogers. Not only are they evil they have no shame. None at all.

Do Lyft drivers prefer Max Tip or 5 ⭐️ in other words if you are a bad driver which one do I ding? Your cash or your reputation?

I’m thinking I should trademark the term “Next Generation Blockchain” i’m sure somebody will need it in a year two.

Me: Why does Rider never pick up pup poop?
Wife: The pups can drive cars, they can use a toilet.

looking for a POE to WiFi bridge in a wall wart form factor, ideally with 2 POE ports. Does such a beast exist?

My furnace just died, looks like it blew a 5 amp blade fuse. Where the hell am I going to get one of those on a Sunday?

Bought a new cable modem, Comcast transferred me through 4 different people to activate it. They haven’t hung up on me yet though.

‪If you haven’t been following developments with Hurricane Michael this one is going to be bad, for very high values of bad. Only the 5th extreme wind warning from NWS, ever, super low pressure that’s still falling, crazy high surge.‬ From a weather hobbyist perspective this is awesome but if you’re anywhere near it get the fuck out.

Just now reading the actual report (instead of media pieces) from the DEFCON 26 Voting Village, and wow, sensationalize much?

2 of 46 pages are just a media article from The Hill. There is a page and half of nothing except how great the voting village is. Another page including an actual map of media hits.

This is worse than a “white paper” from a security company marketing department extolling how great their bells and whistles are.

Robot soldiers shot with unmatched accuracy. Ammunition manufacturers employed hackers to make them miss more.
To save money, the army programmed the robots to just play the sound of a round being fired, and hoped nobody would notice.

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