I did a thing over the weekend with some graphics I started a couple of years ago.

I decided ages ago to port arcade games to the speccy in the style they might have had back when such things were shiny.

Here is how Canyon Bomber might have looked if ported for the Christmas 1982 market.

Vulcan Valley.

TinyGS, for those that don't know, is software that runs on a Lora device and communicates with tiny cube sats (as small as 10cmx10cmx3cm) as they orbit in low earth orbit. It's cool that a device made to communicate a few hundred meters on earth chats to boxes made by students floating up there.

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The TinyGS station currently has a 144mhz home made Quadrifilar Helix Antenna running into a cheap linear amp, a Flamingo FM broadcast blocker and a Lora32 module.

The experiments have been with swapping the Quadrifilar Helix Antenna with a homebrewed ground plane, the Flamingo with a bandpass filter and the amp in, out or just turned off.

Still not found the ideal setup that will move from the garden to more permanent home.

Not sure how many, if any, of the games will be finished or publicly released. It's been more than 10 years since my last brush with hostile players shitting on other peoples work while offering nothing of their own for consumption but it's still sends a shiver down my spine.

I suppose I'd better post something now there are other people around. Thinking this will be the geeky space Twitter once was.

Current Projects;

About 10 Spectrum games (mostly ports of early 80's arcade machines in a retro style)
A port of a famous Speccy game to the GB
A couple of Next games.
A ZX81 game (maybe)

, and
Get new HF antenna up
Bunch of TinyGS experiments
New AmSat pi with 3x Quadrifilar Helix Antennas
Improved ADS ground station.
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