I Want to Connect, so Sarazanmai


had the kind of night that has often left me feeling maudlin but this time has me feeling more positive and resolute instead for reasons not worth getting into.

anyway. please enjoy this image.

when u see the new sarazanmai is titled “i want to connect, but i want to betray”

took a breather after finishing 0079, but it’s time to get back in the robot.

apparently the opening theme bites the melody of a neil sedaka song. OFF TO A GREAT START.

this week’s jojo’s has a flashback to bucciarati as a kid and i can’t stop thinking about the fact that child bucciarati wears a small version of the outfit he wears as an adult

spoilers for the state of the war at the end of gundam 0079 but not any characters or anything 

gundam 0079 episode 36 spoilers 

v minor spoilers for this week’s jojo (no specifics) 

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