took a breather after finishing 0079, but it’s time to get back in the robot.

apparently the opening theme bites the melody of a neil sedaka song. OFF TO A GREAT START.

this week’s jojo’s has a flashback to bucciarati as a kid and i can’t stop thinking about the fact that child bucciarati wears a small version of the outfit he wears as an adult

spoilers for the state of the war at the end of gundam 0079 but not any characters or anything Show more

gundam 0079 episode 36 spoilers Show more

v minor spoilers for this week’s jojo (no specifics) Show more

labor issues aside, watching people play the RE2 remake isn’t giving me quite the same joy that watching the opening sections of 7 did, but it’s close enough.

there are many things i am enjoying about gundam 0079, but one small one is the fact that the narrator gets to just casually say things like, “As the occupier of the moon...”

stop arguing about which computer is the best or which OS is the best. all computers are the worst. dont use them

update: that was a good jojo’s but i do not care for this “wait a week for part 2” nonsense

this week’s jojo’s has a “part 1” in the title, making it the first time i’m not gonna just immediately be able to watch the second part 😰

missed heather because i needed an omelette but am back for sam and .... oh god there’s still so much day left

been “in” the “club” since 7am haha woo

(breaks for meals at appropriate times, staying v hydrated and not drinking till normal club hours is the secret to this particular kind of marathon.)

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