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A great photo shoot from cosplayer Ashley Du who's also on the variant cover of this month's comic from Dynamite comics

Harley Quinn is getting her own animated series on the upcoming digital service from DC Entertainment. Margot Robbie who played the character in the live-action hit movie is reportedly in talks to voice the animated version.

I dont know if id tattoo Christopher Reeve as Clark Kent instead as Superman on my arm but this is lovely nonetheless.

ive always enjoyed Sean Murphy's art. theres something about his style that is so appealing. I loved his work on Tokyo Ghost and the stuff hes doing on Batman: White Knight is amazing.

Isaac Goodhart has become an incredible artist over his run on Top Cow's 'Postal' series. Issue #24 arrives tomorrow

Lord Mesa with a fun 'Bridesmaids' spoof of last week's Flash episode

one of my favorite Batman stories put the detective in Dark Knight detective - The Long Halloween. I wish for more stories like that

As a DC fan, I'm undeterred about seeing regardless of reviews. To see them together on film is such a treat that I've waited forever for it. I wont ignore the flaws but I love these characters so much that ill cherish the positives

I'm so proud of myself I figured out how to log in on Tootdon. Nothing like a new social site to make you feel like a novice again

Hi I'm a Cuban freelance comic artist working for BOOM!Studios and my webcomic [un]Divine on Hiveworks!

✨ Pls read my webcomic with a soulless highschooler and his big demon friend ✨

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