nymag.com/intelligencer/2019/1 “The structure of the internet is headed toward an arrangement the cybersecurity expert Bruce Schneier calls “digital feudalism,” through which the great landlords, platforms like Google and Facebook, “are becoming our feudal lords, and we are becoming their vassals.” We will provide them with the data-fruits of our browsing, in a nominal exchange for vague assurances of their protection from data-breach marauders.”

The world finally has an approved vaccine against Ebola. The WHO wasted no time to "prequalifying" the newly approved vaccine.


India is the world's Largest Hypocrisy
if you agree

The saddest (and worrying part) is that no official from India dealing with #cybersecurity has been in touch with South Korea's Choi Sang-myeong.

That explains why India's #cybersecurity posture is so poor.


Achieving immortality is not that hard. Think about the people who live on in your heart and you know the truth.

The Sundarbans, the world's largest mangrove forest, broke the 130 kmph winds of Cyclone Bulbul, saving West Bengal and Bangladesh from massive destruction (the India Met Department also played a vital role in warnings).

Our story today: thethirdpole.net/en/2019/11/12

Not all good news, thousands upon thousands of very poor people suffered property loss which is unlikely to be compensated.

@Saikatd Talking of echo chambers, here is a very interesting diagram on how various 'tribes' on the social media are virtually isolated, with almost no communication between them. But IMO even on a platform like Mastodon this will be inevitable.

Around 136 people said that they are interested in the #digitalsecurity office hour. I am doing the first one tomorrow at 8PM IST.

Feel free to ask me questions (mentioning my handle) and #securityofficehour hashtag. I will answer over video + toots tomorrow.

@Deepsealioness @nixxin @jamewils @Memeghnad can you please boost this one?

@shirishag75 Sensible defaults are only step 1 of a security practice.

Tainted water: how a crippling bone disease is linked to drought in India

Prevalent across rural India, fluorosis is caused by excessive consumption of the mineral fluoride, usually through drinking contaminated groundwater.


Reliance Jio is using SNI inspection to block websites — the legal framework of web in lacks transparency, fails to make the Government accountable for its orders, and places no obligations on ISPs to be transparent about the websites they block or the methods they use for doing so.


Don’t use telegram, go for signal or wire or Keybase for encrypted chat.

Hello start up community, Need some info for a research purpose. Can you please share what is your monthly approximate google adword spend? Also share if it's a B2B Or B2C.. Kindly boost

Quantum Computing Is a Bigger Deal Than the Internet : We need a new paradigm in order for our progress to continue, and quantum computing is it. We probably won’t see quantum computers in households anytime soon, but scientists and researchers are already using them for large-scale projects.


'Privacy' and 'Hiding' are entirely two different things.

& were conceived to expand people’s access to information and each other, not to make a company rich. The browser’s initial burst of popularity in 2004 didn’t just help Mozilla. It helped the entire internet by challenging the incumbents to improve and inspiring new competitors to join in. 15 years later, Firefox may appear small next to Chrome & Safari but it’s still pushing new technologies for openness and security that help everyone online.


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