chris rage mashing the coin button warms my heart

This shot is brilliant and should be used in every film class

i worked really hard today so i've earned the right to go walk around outside to the point of exhaustion

What's your favorite MTG cycle? — tempest block. unless you mean like cycles of cards, idk. my favorite card is skullclamp

good morning, the coffee tastes really bad and my migraine's still going strong but i'm starting work 🐰

do you go migraine blind every time? i did only one time, i get bad nausea instead — yea it's how it starts every time for me, blind with no head pain for maybe an hour->severe headache for a few hours->moderate headache and mild…

parker parker!!! no!!!!! i want to eat your migraine — thank you so much. please eat it

when are you gonna stream more The Ring Terror's Realm — probably never lol. you remiunded me twilight syndrome exists last night though and i've been thinking about doing a translation stream of it sometime!

Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend? Are you looking for one? — no! and sure why not!

the game of thorns hashtag reminded me, remember when the official xfiles twitter tweeted "reply with how you felt about the season 10 finale in a single emoji", and i replied with the toilet emoji+minutes later they had my tweet completely obliterated from twitter's servers

half peanut butter half pineapple with animals cookie.. my mom laughed at me but i know the world will catch up with my genius taste someday

i’ve been deliberately saying “game of thorns” instead of “game of thrones” for years now and haven’t been corrected a single time, i like that. never seen the show

do expiration dates matter for bread if there's no mold or anything on it

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