received a nasty email from the moderators of this instance today so i won't be mirroring my posts here anymore, and probably won't be using this site anymore, bye bye!

this is my noodles and macaroni spoon, it's slightly bigger than the other spoons we have and i got it when i lived alone in college. i love it very much

the ending of portal 2 taught me that sometimes, you just have to let go and launch your best friend into outer space

oh no my best friend's been turned into a potato

wheatley and the girl computer (forgot her name) are my best friebnds on this whole planet

portal 2 is better than obra dinn dont @ me

good morning! coffee's fine, i think i'm gonna go to the stairs if i can

If you could trade 1 year of your life for $50,000, how many years would you trade in? — necropotence is banned in legacy dude

sonic the hedgehog is the same age as me

wrangel watches youtubes of movie trailers at 1.25 speed

good morning! i slept in moderately late so the coffee's pretty bad but i'm having a muffin too so we're good

ahh, so that's what chie did with the ring i gave her after i dumped her for ruby

tv news gonna interview me to get my expert translator's perspective on the netflix evangelion

How are u so cool Parker?!?? — years of intense practice. never give up, kid

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