I’m a human pile of emotions today. It’s my friend’s last day of working with us, and even being in the same state. I’m proud that’s she’s moving up in the world, but I’m gonna miss the hell outta her.

Um... no... I’m not falling asleep at my desk. Of course not!

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Having my yearly performance review in about an hour. Hopefully, I’ll stop having anxiety attacks once it’s over.

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App idea: a podcast app that also plays unobtrusive instrumental music during non-musical podcasts.

Unnecessarily compositing photos and giving them a film look. Or making a brodozer truck look hipster.

Both my screens are blank right now. I need some work to do.

First photo of 2019. Took a short walk and found this little spot near our house. bit.ly/2s3DQ4z

I am hyper-aware of peoples’ chewing today. Headphones are on for at least another hour.

Okay, so a taqueria just opened up in our area, and now I’m pretty sure we’re going to swap our normal Friday bar for it from now on.

Slow music this morning to go with my slow moving self.

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Started my day explaining image compression algorithms and artefacts.

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