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Some of the people I follow have been offline for quite some time, with some I even exchanged a few messages. I thought people here will be more active. /sigh
or did I spook them ?

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Mountain trip. I'll post a few pics of this trip, so please enjoy !

what should I play next ? Serious sam 3 jewel of the nile or should I search for ppl for GreenHell ?

Took out 3 stumps from my garden.
Now I have to search for what grape variants to plant !

Today sucks !!!
F*** this sh*t
Today I'm gonna play games all day long

Well I got rejected, no fucking idea why ! Yeey today's gonna be....a whining day !

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1996 wants his song back

At the root of any pandemic is the degraded relationship of humankind with nature: the neglected but irrefutable truth that human, animal and environmental health are all forever interdependent.

via @LastWeekTonight @iamjohnoliver


I think i have heart problems, should I try to go to a doc. ?!?

I wished I lived somewhere where hot springs are present. *random*

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Today's football game was awesome, even though it was -3 C.

Steam using every possible opportunity for a sale is making me poor.

A plague tale: Innocence game is now -70% off on steam. The game is one of the best story driven games created, I highly recommend playing it !

Did anyone else played alan wake ?!
It's an awesome game, worth playin' !!

I can't sleep
Please send help
Hmm or
Can someone knock me out ?

Short horror story 

I'll post your mastodon account on your FB wall !

Short horror story 

I'll post your mastodon account on your FB wall !

Does anyone have experience with testdisk/photorec recovery tool ?

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