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Some of the people I follow have been offline for quite some time, with some I even exchanged a few messages. I thought people here will be more active. /sigh
or did I spook them ?

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Mountain trip. I'll post a few pics of this trip, so please enjoy !

Most likely today's football game will be canceled *cry*
If so, on what should I spend my energy ?

tfw I want to submit a fix to someone's project but they use some weird custom git solution and they have no guide or documentation for being able to contribute

why is it that every time i look into legislation stuff i get sad

People on 9gag:
"China asshole, don't trust china"
also on 9gag :
"Noth korea = best korea"

Work is soo intense right now, like everyone has to fix 20 years worth of issues !!
I need a nap

With every new day humanity is getting closer and closer to Shaman King remake

Why do I feel inferior to really highly inteligent girls ?!? Am I retarded ?!? Maybe just stupid in common knowledge ?? Or just bad day ?

Also latest amd radeon rx590 driver has a huge memory leak, I tried to play titian quest (latest dlc) and goes up to ~100%.
Hope they fix this soon !

So I've tried reactJS and it's ok, but man I'm back on java spring,GWT and vaadin. As someone who doesn't have a tilt for esthetics those are incredible !

PHP's ability to continue modernizing their language is legitimately impressive

Do ppl stil use javafx(openjdk) ?? All you all migrated to 'electron trap'?

I really dislike custom roms that come with prebuild gapps !! Grrr

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