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Some of the people I follow have been offline for quite some time, with some I even exchanged a few messages. I thought people here will be more active. /sigh
or did I spook them ?

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Mountain trip. I'll post a few pics of this trip, so please enjoy !

I want a new job...
I think I'm getting the 'lil' sad' again

OMFG !!!!
A plague tale:innocence will have a sequel : A plague Tale : Requiem !!!
Can't wait for it !!! <3

I wanted to go jogging, I got dressed, got outside...and guess what: It's raining lolz,
Last time I was outside was hot and sunny, time flies when you play Dota and Green Hell 🙂

Anyone wanna play Green Hell: Spirits of Amazonia with me ?:D

I follow quite a few people here on fediverse, but after I read some of your toots, I wanna ask you : are you sane ? or that's your 'normal' weirdness

I just got home from my trip and took a shower.
Today was awesome, I'm grateful and all but I want to go to 2-3 days trip with tents and stuff, I have to manage my friends to do this... OR(I can't believe what I'm about to say) get a gf and go with her....I think I'm tired and I'm not in the right mind...
It's 2AM

Speed run today, I did 3km, I didn;t have a chronometer with me but felt like I did better last year /sigh

antivirus rant 

the more i look at it the more i'm convinced antivirus software is just a sneaky way to charge developers to get their code signed on windows. i wrote a fucking test case for reactos sockets and compiled it and windows defender immediately flagged it as a virus. how do i correct this? reverse engineer antivirus or do code signing i guess. windows defender flags dolphin sometimes as a virus because machine learning: like what the fuck is this garbage

That annoying moment when you can't contact your local energy distributor because their phone robot sucks !!
I need icecream to calm down!

Slackline + football today.
The weather was also nice.
Today was a good day !

Trip day !!!
Hope the weather will be kind to us !
Should I post at least one picture from this trip ?!

I just listened to one of my high school fav songs and now I feel ...small. grrrr

As story progressed in days gone,
All I can say after deacon found sarah is that I really hate her, woman pull shit like this all the time!

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