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Some of the people I follow have been offline for quite some time, with some I even exchanged a few messages. I thought people here will be more active. /sigh
or did I spook them ?

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Mountain trip. I'll post a few pics of this trip, so please enjoy !

The ownership and future of Mullvad VPN
Submitted by: JoachimS; Score: 196

I'm at H&M 'cuz a female friend wants to buy clothes, this means her bf and me are dying here, please help

I really should post at least a few pics from today !!
But not now the signal is quite bad here

Did you ever brought pizza by kg ?!?
Well this pizzeria sells pizza by kg !
~7 euro and 20 cents for a kg

Full Stack Web Neko looking for an open position

Technologies I am familiar with TypeScript, JS, CoffeeScript, Ruby, Rails, Nest.js, REST, GraphQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Docker, AWS, Heroku, Cypress, Mocha+Chai, RSpec, Minitest etc

basically ruby and js

I feel like I'm a person that is really really hard to talk to, to engage in a conversation !
May it be because my normal face expression feel like I'm a .... is now

The reason is that the founder is being frustrating to the team, being absent and not responding when the team tries to contact him. The domain was once almost expired, so the team did not dare to continue working on the website.Now with the new domain the team can continue to work without frustration.

And I really like the new style!

#privacy #privacytools #privacyguides

This photo was taken tens of minutes ago !
So should I go vampire hunting ?!?

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