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are people doing an thing?

I'm Spencer, I'm a game dev, I do Unity stuff, I'm working at Monomi Park on Slime Rancher 2. I do a lot of programming stuff in my free time because I have no life outside of working. I'm also trans/nonbinary.

Yesterday I made a general springs library for Unity based on a good video by Toyful Games and a springs implementation by Ryan Juckett.

if i ever got transported to a fantasy land, i would not even kind of try to get back home. why's everyone wanna go back home?

important to keep in mind that if anyone is losing obscene amounts of money on NFTs/crypto right now, it's very funny. it's hilarious. thanks

Got into a discussion with someone on Twitter about what makes a programming language "good for beginners". They seemed to want to talk about syntax and stuff. My questions are:

- how hard is it to install
- how easily can you import useful data and output results in a useful format
- how likely is a beginner to know someone who can help them solve problems they run into
- how many resources (tutorials, example code) are out there
- can you easily do all this without the command line

I have a big announcement to make: on May 24, GITCL will be going from free to $10. Thank you to everyone who’s played so far—and if you haven’t gotten it yet, now’s a great time to add it to your library! 💖


Are there any queer indie #gamedev teams out there looking for an artist?? I'm a frequenter of gamejams but I'd like to have a long-term project to be on. I also have a degree in csci so I can help code too if need be. Hit me up!!!

Do you like Slay the Spire? deckbuilders? Free Software? Godot Engine?
If any of these are true, do try out the game I'm working on, : All feedback welcome!

Honestly the same goes for all other aspects of life it's all much too difficult for no reason

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The problem with video games is they're hard and I'm bad at them, and I would rather they be easy

so much queer SF/Fantasy is YA and like, that's *fine*, I'm glad that's there for folks, but damn it'd be nice to get more stuff for/about adults.

I appreciate that this is a hard problem but probably "triggering the browser to go back to a different website" is never the correct behavior.

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This back button is the most inconsistent busted shit. Appears to at some level tie in with the browser's "back" functionality so half the time I click it I don't know if I'm gonna go back a column or go back to whatever site I was on previously.

Today, May 1, is International Workers' Day! It commemorates the sentencing to death of eight anarchist workers in Chicago who were framed for throwing a bomb at police who attacked a strike demonstration in May 1886

Ys 8 spoilers? 

Ys 8 is a cool game because "dinosaurs are simply too strong" is a major plot point that has to be resolved.

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