y'all claim communism creates equality but won't PayPal me $100 to prove it so what's the truth

*astral projects into your room at 03:17 am wearing clown shoes and holding a baguette* I heard you were talking shit about me

"*FAREWELL*", I say, my cloak fluttering dramatically as I turn and walk into a lamp post.

The Kahoot theme activates my fight or flight response

god, grant me:
the strength to lift a bus
the courage to try and lift a bus
the wisdom to know when to lift a bus

Somebody on twitter just said "Mr Clean is hentai for wine moms" and now I'm not gonna be able to sleep

okay i will start the latest drama.

the only good sour patch kids are the red ones

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man, once i mechanise agriculture it's over for you hoes

bi women can date men and still be lgbt, guys

thats kinda a thing bi women can do

Man once I figure out how to stop being paralyzingly afraid of making something that isn't perfect and actually be productive, it's over for you hoes

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