sorry this wormed itself into my brain and i had to do it

Margaret Hamilton (The Wicked Witch of the West)’s appearance on on “Mister Rogers’ Neighbourhood” is the most precious and delicate thing you’ll see all week.

Every time a dude at the gym says "you look like you're putting on some size, bro" a very strong angel gets its big muscular wings

blasting ropes of love and appreciation all over my delighted friends

its not so much that friends dont call out friends but more that the shape of what we consider a public call out is, when wielded against someone you can access privately and intimately, extremely disrespectful and done to make you look good rather than them act better

Ima get my dick sucked clean off my body this weekend Hell no im not registered to vote

its hard being smart and beautiful. but thats not nearly as hard as being a gamer...

Stealing the Declaration of Independence in case there's a picture of a titty on the back

The way my app is cropping this is hysterical it is just my floppy arm

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We wore plaid to work today and had to look very stern about it and honestly that's my default anyway

People who say the solution to Portland's housing prices is to build more housing sure hate when you tell them we have 16,000+ vacant units and another 2,000+ illegally listed on AirBnB year-round

About to try to rep 275 for the first time in a month, please like so that I don't die and go to hell

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It is more imperative now than ever that I squat nearly 300 pounds

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It is 49° and someone has opened all the warehouse doors to the gym and is BLASTING Godsmack

Every time I see one of my dude friends' selfies I become less resentful and more thankful for people who critiqued mine

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