After telling everyone I'm on here I decided to move to another instance

if you're not down with my alien boinking agenda, I'm not down with you

Me, about most media: this is bad and unethical, stop doing it
also me: please make more I can't live without you

dude I have you blocked everywhere else, why are you faving me here

go away with that shit

"Which white dude will mess this up the least?"

Can't we hire someone who ISN'T a white dude??? C'MON

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I don't want Whedon directing Batgirl but at least he's not Snyder? uggggggggggggh

2FA via Google Authenticator is super easy to use and everyone should use it, you just put in a 6digit code whenever you log in, along w/ your normal username and password!

Tusky is the de facto Mastodon mobile app o android, though there exist many others! Ask around!

Finally, feel free to reach out to mysel fif you have questions, or to @Gargron (the developer) if you have others

"Everyone's mad about twitter but I don't see why?"

welp, I blame people like you

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white dude: I don't see the problem
everyone else: *explains*
white dude: *crickets*


If yr on android get Tusky and if yr on iOS get Amaroq

Masto On The Go~

I ate a banana this morning and now my stomach hurts. why. why is this happening

Now I just need to learn to notice when things are getting horrible so know when to leave. You'd think this is easy but it isn't lmao

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After this whole wretched fight with my brother and then therapy today, I realized something: I never have to sit there and be a punching bag. Not ever. Gonna paste it on my forehead: IT'S OKAY TO LEAVE


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