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⎛⎝brnrd⎠⎞ @spil

@phessler Which is also more in line with the exhaustion you've experienced.
Recovery from viral infection also takes longer (3mo for an athlete to get back to the performance level before the infection)

@phessler iirc correctly, food poisoning kicks in between 4 and 24 hours after consumption.
Sounds like you had some virus...

@stsp this isn't even on the products... Enterprise only.

I wonder how HBO's strategy in the Netherlands is going...

@lattera Nah, please don't! :D
Srsly enjoying my "alone-time"

@lattera AGAIN!?! Doesn't it ever let up...

@lattera Just hoping that's not a response to my tweets just now...

Mickey O'Rourke playing Charles Bukowski (autobiographical) in Barfly (1987): "I don't hate people, but I just seem to feel better when they're not around..."
Haven't found that in Bukowski's books tho

If (a)loneliness is a thing then surely so must toogetherness be?

Well deserved after 47km in Alps, if I nay say so...

Noise from the stream to my left, sun setting behind the mountain ridge, cold Paulaner Hefe Weizen to my right, noone else around, could this be heaven? mastodon.social/media/uE_NPQ5W

@dvl Yep, shows an outside view, not what's actually live or configured (or expiring)

Backup key is underway!
"Your Amazon.com order of "YubiKey 4" has shipped!"