Can switch back from 125% to 100% scaling on my 24" 2560x1440 screen again!

Martijn Grooten @martijn_grooten
If you've got nothing to hide in system memory, you've got nothing to fear. Just saying.

If you're using the quarterly ports branch on FreeBSD you MUST first update poudriere (and poudriere alone) before you can run poudriere bulk (UPDATING entry 20171130)

FreeBSD 10.4-RELEASE (HEMD104) #0: Sun Dec 10 17:57:08 CET 2017

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Literally the last day of the working year, a supplier finally admits not having performed their tasks...
What could be the problem? One server, installed 2016Q3, 387 critical vulns (CVSS >=6), oldest crit vuln 2015Q1 😭 and we have ca. 50 of these in various states of deplorability

Seriously impressed with Hurricane Electric. My 6-in-4 node has the lowest latency I've seen to AMS sofar
avg. 2.6ms on a consumer link over 137km (roughly)

Analyzing SSL handshake problem network dumps before even going to work is NOT a good start of the day.

The Conexant HD Audio driver is a 200MB download. Who could ever have guessed it contains vulnerabilities 😢

TIL: It is perfectly OK for RedHat to publish a security advisory detailing that vsftpd is vulnerable up to 2.0.5 but then releasing an updated 2.0.1 😭

Nice to go to a privacy focused info-session and later seeing the addresses of attendees :D

Twas but a mere cavitiy that required fixing :D Got nuked to make some nice see-through shots as a bonus to show no other hidden "treasures"

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