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⎛⎝brnrd⎠⎞ @spil@mastodon.social

Vulnerability classification: Low - Medium - High
I need that extended with a new category: "AYFKM!"

Let's see if I can fix this bloody MariaDB mess!

Sodding idiots in the DC
Oct 13 19:07:08 os0200vu004 ntpd[26120]: clock_step -7203.469372 s

Pretty damn proud of the result of a hacking challenge (after first day, already slipped to 9th place) mastodon.social/media/frm2xhpS

Due to lack of feedback on the review it was not put in the "textproc" category

Committed security/openssl-unsafe to ports today so I can do silly stuff like bugs.freebsd.org/222910

Compiling things in "Linux Subsystem for Windows" is nice, because you can finally follow each step of the process whilst it scrolls by :D

Nicotine's LD50 is somewhere between 0.5 and 15 mg/kg.
How much Nicotine is in an e-cig filling?

Should I write a blog-post "How to bork your blog with SecurityHeaders"?

From the HR department... "Critical Job Skills for the coming decennium"
"Emotional Intelligence"
... skill?

First Red-team challenge coming up :D
Gonna be fun! Let's break things

NTLM WWW-Authenticate...
What horror has M$ imposed on the world!

Apparently I need +1.75/+1.75dpt for reading (@35cm?). Glasses ordered 1.5/1.5 for working with keyboard and display...

Slow clap... Our DC provider...
$ telnet 6
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.


Check out the latest issue of The FreeBSD Journal for my article "Getting Started with iohyve"


Yay 2FA! New phone, redo the whole thing 8 times :'(