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If you don’t know this game, there is no way you guess Back’s next move.

If you have seen it, there is no way you can forget it.

To Help in @teakkadai1@twitter.activitypub.actor sir built up his collection
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Pre wedding@teakkadai1@twitter.activitypub.actor்டா அழகா இருக்கு

Why inventions like @googlemaps@twitter.activitypub.actor @AutoCAD@twitter.activitypub.actor @msexcel@twitter.activitypub.actor are not considered for in

Is this the new version of Apoorvasagotharargal Domino Effect
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ரசிகர்கள எந்த அளவுக்கு முட்டாள்னு நெனச்சி இந்த சீன எடுத்து இருப்பானுக 😾😂😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️

Bitter Truth Sir

Many don't realise why they are suddenly out of job in 40 years

It is because they became managers at 30 and General Manager at 35 that the organisation does not have any job for them at 40 and sends them away

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Last one is the 'punch of the year'😉 twitter.com/spinesurgeon/statu

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Unintended Consequences - Drones at Wedding edition

1. Personalized cooling
2. Quick drying of rose water sprinkled at the entrance
3. Clear debris from the hair post knot tying petal rain
4. Toupee stability testing

This is Govt Bus Transport
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Setting an example, KSRTC bus conductor P Shajudeen of Aluva and driver Dennis Xavier of Kumbalangi decided against leaving her stranded in the deserted spot.
For the next 15 minutes, they waited with Elseena as she waited for a family friend who lived nearby to pick her up.

5 years advanced in Love 😍
10 years advanced in Car 🚗
15 years advanced in House 🏡
20 years advanced in Diseases 🤒and retirement
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இந்த தலைமுறை எல்லாவற்றிலும் முந்தையதை விட 5-10 ஆண்டுகள் அட்வான்சாக இருப்பதாக உணர்கிறேன். முதல் காதல், முதல் நல்ல வேலை, முதல் போன், முதல் பைக், கார்,வீடு, முதல் முத்தம், காமம் என எல்லாவற்றிலும். ஓய்வையும் 40+ என்றே பிக்ஸ் பண்ணிக்கொள்கிறார்கள். 60 வரை உழைக்க வேண்டிய த…

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I sat next to a Filipino nanny on the bus this morning. She was on FaceTime, quietly talking to her own daughter back home, trying not to cry. Every so often she’d whisper “love you, miss you” in English. The toddler she’s caring for slept peacefully in a pram. Life is not fair.

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British people guess how much health care costs in the US — and they are shocked.

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Hello @HDFC_Bank@twitter.activitypub.actor @HDFCBank_Cares@twitter.activitypub.actor just for information !!!

A Tamilnadu Government scheme proves to be a good scheme and other states follow it

Noon Meal
Student Bicycle
Student Laptop

Amma Canteen
Cradle Baby

CT Scans in Districts
Medical Colleges
Cadaver Transplant
Private Practice for Govt Doctors
Service Quota
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Kerala’s affordable meal project a hit with masses thehindu.com/news/national/ker

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For those living in TN -
People with Identity cards are visiting apartments / houses to check if residents have paid property tax and got voters ID.
They are fraudsters doing recce for crime/burglary. Do not entertain as there is no such initiative from neither EC or TN govt.

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ER is another whole of daylight robbery. They did some checks and X-Rays prescribed some muscle relaxant, but was asked to sit there for 2 hrs, got a bill for $4200 without any details. I'd to make call to understand the bill, why it's so high?

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Singapore’s Changi airport - where the baggage is polite, has manners


Radio Therapy : Use of Radiation for Treatment - To Cure the Disease
Radio Diagnosis : Use of Radiation for Diagnosis - To Find the Disease

//Why do we have only 5 seats in Radio Therapy in TN.. that's only available in MMC.//

How Many RT do you need in TN
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@spinesurgeon what's the difference between Radio Therapy and Radio Diagnosis?

Why do we have only 5 seats in Radio Therapy in TN.. that's o…

No Debt

Did Every thing in Government


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