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Cleaning the floppy drives out of a pair of recently recapped Macintosh IIcx boxen. As one does.

Switching to Vivaldi as my default browser, mainly for its syncing and interface tweaking features. Let’s see how this goes.

How do you like your Caviar? I like mine Black … and disassembled.

New browser on the block: Flow

An interview with Piers Wombwell, lead developer of Flow, a brand-new browser with a brand-new rendering engine.

The latest update to my Comment Blacklist for WordPress contains over 39,000 spam-blasting terms and phrases to help keep your comment threads tidy.

The current state of my workshop as of today. I plan on reorganizing the heck out of this space during the year. It’s time.

First thought of the new year … what good will I do today?

Generic release notes equate to lazy development and support practices. I trust software companies who do this much less than others who take pride in the improvements made to their products and take the time and effort to let their customers know that they actually care.

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