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Thank you, and you're welcome. Now be my Pokemon friend: 2778 1544 9173

A custom ysoki mechanic and kasatha mystic my wife painted.

A messy vision of the character I'm playing in the Starfinder Dead Suns adventure path. Rem Aru Udoska Hylas, a Kasatha Mystic Xenodruid and his rare pet named Shuba (species unidentified).

Next game, the Defenders of the Reef try to put an end to Queen Ileosa's Reign of Terror.

Proc "Trouble" Daxon, my soldier in a Star Wars Saga Edition campaign.

My occultist wielding Serithtial, in Curse of the Crimson Throne. I was experimenting with SketchBook's Copic marker mode.

The Defenders of the Reef, my party in an aquatic adaptation of the Pathfinder adventure path Curse of the Crimson Throne.


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