On 31 December i got unexpected present from one guy. He drew me in anime style due to my activity in his group 🙃 He is a beginner mangaka and i like his projects. Never saw so cool showing of Russian small towns aesthetics. I see potential in his work and hope to see him as famous mangaka after some years. If you wanna check it out, i'll send a link below, but the story was wrotten in Russian

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He has a really nice style! You look ready to take out a guitar from your back and shred like a rockstar xD

Btw do I need to log into the site to see the manga? For what I understand there is an error while I try to see it. (Not sure if I understand correctly the message lol)

@reaton Hmm i didn't log in too, but the manga was opened. Try to use link below and tap on "Читать"

@spookysmookie Yay! It works thank you! Well I really need to continue my Russian course cuz I understand barely anything 😅 but drawings are really great!

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