About a week ago the crack on my old phone got worse, making my old android almost completely useless. So my pinephone has been my primary phone since then.

Unfortunately it's really not ready for that yet (as everyone involved has explicitly warned). I've ordered a refurb'd pixel3a to put lineageos on as my primary.

I don't regret the pinephone purchase at all. I plan to keep poking at developing on it, and I'm excited about its future :)

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Biggest issue that led to pulling the trigger on another phone order: incoming text messages seem to be getting lost. Haven't investigated deeply yet, but I've only tried receiving from my wife's iphone. Maybe it uses MMS (known not to work) even for plain messages?

Close second is the battery life indicator being inaccurate, leading to the phone shutting down unexpectedly. This is especially problematic given the poor battery life (which is a known issue due to deep sleep not being enabled)

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