Aaand now I get the same error if I try to save changes from my phone.

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US politics; racism; sub-facebooking 

Luckily I have coping mechanisms.

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Gave up on figuring out the vim-fu to nicely wrap my draft email to 72-columns while indenting bulleted lists.

Turns out easy-mode is just writing in markdown, and then having pandoc convert to plaintext. `pandoc -t plain`

Filled my bucket at a nearby bus stop. To be fair there's no trash receptacle nearby; I sent 311 a requires to install one but I won't hold my breath. The surrounding area, including a park with plenty of receptacles, was nearly as bad.

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New year, new attempt to ease back into running. For now going to keep longboarding as my primary workout and just start finishing up with a mile or two jog.

After starting quite conservatively and weeks of incremental weight increases, at last I am at the best plate combination: big honking plate and iiiiitty bitty plate.

Anyone else getting 406 "Not Acceptable" from Mastodon when pulled from

At music rehearsal for Princess Ida, being taunted by the post-rehearsal cookie tray.

Nope, this is one stubborn stain. On the bright side I found the original stain in the shed, so I guess I'll just double down and reapply that instead of trying to strip it.

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4 rotted boards replaced and some others resecured. Now attempting to strip the stain so I can uniformly reseal everything. Attempt 1 unsuccessful. Attempt 2 with 100% more stripper applied underway.

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Ok have everything I need to replace these two deck boards. Let's just sweep and clean off the rest first. *Crunch*. Welp looks like I need to pick up some more boards.

Had a fairly successful down-sizing moving sale. Some observations and anecdotes. [thread]

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