Mickey's Crib

She makes ends meet by catching her own food, raising her own chickens, obtaining her own water, composting her scraps and feces, etc.

Now what's for dinner around here?

Wah! Blah blah blah Wah! Gripe gripe gripe Wah! snipe, gripe, blah blah, blah

Hey, I think I'll try something different in 2020

I'm thankful to the American Government which governs me...

for advancing the standards that have kept its citizens free from experiencing what has been witnessed in other nations and their histories, like the Ukraine in the 30's, walking among starving dead in their streets.

Our system might not be perfect, but might we be on to something toward a greater end?

If you can find a starving American man or woman, ask him or her.

For putting up with me and every griper over here!

For not killing us, for not kicking us out of the country, and for keeping us safe from all those other crazies out there.



For the haters out there that spread ill-will to America hoping it falls, the world might not be as you expected or dreamed it might be, should you get your wish.


American government has allowed me to be safe even during times when I spoke out against the injustices here (which are minuscule to the tumultuous times I read about elsewhere).


I have over two decades in masonry, that makes me experienced in the cementitious properties of masonry.

I can only say, a tin plane and kerosene for fuel cannot possible do what we witnessed in not one, not two, but three buildings on the same day of the same century to herald in what has never ever happened since the beginning of time.

Now what?

Any chance we can build a Better America in 2020?

Watch this short video, it could change your life (If you need a hammer to kill the tele-vision, let me know).

Programming. It's not just for computers anymore.


The Internet Providers are embedded and doing bad things.

Listen for yourself (arris is at the end of the recorded conversations)


However, a great deal of our planet's inventors were uneducated.

I understand what you are saying though, and you are right in that confusion could be cast upon orderly "known" issues.

However, when trying to solve a new and unique problem, blinding one eye will only cause you to repeat over and over the same outcome.

New thoughts create new evolved remedies.

This same woman, at the end of the year, said "I'm not recommending you for AP English" even though I had the third-best average in the class, and I laughed at her and said, "I wasn't going to take it anyway."

I've written nine novels and published five. She can kiss my ass.

Today I had yet another facebook suspension. This makes the total to 5 or 6 (3 in the last month). I've been banned on twitter at least twice (the last suspension has only my having tweeted only once, "hello".). I've been on 13 concurrent (illegal) blacklists, been suspended from google at least 4 or 5 times (probably more), AND THERE'S MORE! Let's see how long Mastodon will keep me online (before the capitalists buy them out too).

Analyze the following data: usdebtclock.org Insolvent or vulnerable very soon? What will save our Nation? Here's my idea. We bring our military home and seize the properties of every agent or CEO or political entity that ever proposed or received a bribe via the corpo-interests, the "Lobbyists". Allocate the proceeds of their assets and properties to pay off the national plummet, eradicate the "Federal" reserve. MilitaryRule Regroup.

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