Coronavirus has a half-life at 8,202.1 feet above sea level (the bible said in revelations that men will run to the mountains...that's what spurred). I found out that two other entities already confirmed what I've just written. And now they are removing the statistics so I can no longer partake in coming up with answers that might solve the problem. neo-corpo-governments ARE now harbouring the statistics. Please read my sentence:

Continuing down the path of incarceration as the only means of punishment has not EVER in our history shown itself to be a paradigm to rehabilitation.

In fact, statistics have shown that the exact opposite effect is prevalent, evidenced by the recidivism rate back into the prisons.

Deviants can be changed into productive citizens to the community. It requires change from incarceration (for the non-violent offenders) to instilling a new value-system into the individual.

Think Better.

Video edited to omit killing.
Body-cam video released by Mesa Police, unarmed man Daniel Shaver is seen crawling and begging for his life before officer Philip Brailsford fatally shoots the youngster in a Mesa hotel. Brailsford, who was acquitted of murder Dec. 7, said he thought Shaver was reaching for a gun.
Chain of command gives us children being murdered, unarmed elderly being murdered, cripples being murdered, the trade-off for security appears to be not so humane.

Mickey's Crib

She makes ends meet by catching her own food, raising her own chickens, obtaining her own water, composting her scraps and feces, etc.

Now what's for dinner around here? I'm hungry for whatever that thing is.

@Gargron Hey can I ask you something? I know you are the administrator but what I don't get is the type of hardware required to accommodate the tens of thousands of people on here. What type of hardware is required to run such a huge amount of visitors?

Wah! Blah blah blah Wah! Gripe gripe gripe Wah! snipe, gripe, blah blah, blah

Hey, I think I'll try something different in 2020

I'm thankful to the American Government which governs me...

for advancing the standards that have kept its citizens free from experiencing what has been witnessed in other nations and their histories, like the Ukraine in the 30's, walking among starving dead in their streets.

Our system might not be perfect, but might we be on to something toward a greater end?

If you can find a starving American man or woman, ask him or her.


You ARE joking right? Only a 5yo would be interested in what a 5yo has in his or her room.

If you aren't joking, WHAT country do YOU live in?

Oh nevermind, I figured it are joking because you live in the wildest freest nation that happens to exist in the solar system....


I like the quote and it sounds very reasonable and plausible.

But consider the numbers. his group killed tens of millions.

Should we feel left out if we haven't killed a solitary soul but have contributed something to the society in which we dwell?


Sorry to hear about your affiliation.
Putin and Trump are banding together to crush you nazis again (just for fun)


Oh good....someone else has the same outlook (I was starting to feel like it was just me) 😭

In weighing the resources available to the government(s), we can either complain about it, have faith that their best minds are better than our resources and minds, or ... yeah, that's it.

I'm rooting for America to team up with Russia and to make the world one state called Rumerica



This page might be helpful (it was for me in trying to just focus on one thread...yours and my communication as a matter of fact).

For putting up with me and every griper over here!

For not killing us, for not kicking us out of the country, and for keeping us safe from all those other crazies out there.



For the haters out there that spread ill-will to America hoping it falls, the world might not be as you expected or dreamed it might be, should you get your wish.


American government has allowed me to be safe even during times when I spoke out against the injustices here (which are minuscule to the tumultuous times I read about elsewhere).

I have over two decades in masonry, that makes me experienced in the cementitious properties of masonry.

I can only say, a tin plane and kerosene for fuel cannot possible do what we witnessed in not one, not two, but three buildings on the same day of the same century to herald in what has never ever happened since the beginning of time.

Now what?

Any chance we can build a Better America in 2020?

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