Diff of the day:
"# Prepare [-enterprise-]{+to unzip+} package"

TIL: Round-trip efficiency, computed as a function of turbomachinery polytropic efficiency and total heat exchanger steel mass, is found to be competitive with that of pumped hydroelectric storage.

Here’s something weird: when my iPhone and MacBook are plugged in and my MacBook is on my lap, if I put the phone on my chest screen up the camera gives me a small electrical shock. Something is grounded wrong.

Never underestimate the power of strategically applied lubrication.

Shower thought: the days of shouting “pick up!” into someone’s answering machine until they answer the phone are long gone.

Tell me again why I'm sitting in a Windows Server console right now?

@asdf did you take down Reddit today? You can tell the truth. Was this your, "you're not a real engineer until you take down the site" moment?

I know I’m late to this party, but I’ve been holding on to that one for some time.

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An Adele themed Filipino food truck called “Halo-halo from the Other Side”

Best way to deal with spending the week fighting Jenkins files: dig some deep holes in the ground and fill them with gravel and posts.

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