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With the internet being ever present and screens surrounding us all the time, personal preference is becoming more and more critical for a good user experience.

Heavily inspired by, Darktheme Club is a collection of web pages from across the Internet. To qualify, your website must either use a dark theme by default, or respect the preference of the user.

#showcase #a11y #darktheme #darkmode

ChromeVox, the ChromeBook screen readers, has a pretty nice speech queue. When changing the volume, ChromeVox will say the percentage, then go back to what it was speaking before. Pretty nice touch. #a11y

This is a recording of the webinar/presentation/workshop that took place on the 10th, regarding feedback mechanisms for websites from public bodies, since it was focused on the EU accessibility directive (2016/2102). Just in case anyone finds it of interest.

📍 As of today, the European #Accessibility Act must be in national law of all 🇪🇺 countries.

This will help 8⃣7⃣ million persons with disabilities by ensuring accessible services & products such as:

🚍 public transport
🏦 banking
💻 computers
📚 books
🛒 online shopping



Wow, my little German language podcast about accessibility tech just crossed the 5,000 listener mark this week. Half a year after I started it. I am so grateful and happy right now!

@roblen ja, mal schauen :) der generelle Feed hat mich schon arg irritiert - so würde es halt ausschauen, wenn nicht gefiltert etc.

@roblen ja, ich bin noch in der Findingsphase - freut mich auch vertraute Gesichter hier zu lesen :)


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