Idris Elba Told Oprah The Coronavirus Is The World's Response To "Damage" By Humans

Just one seriously injured? That's a great Halloween for Chicago!

Look out! New Yorkers are celebrating diversity again!

Look out! New Yorkers are celebrating diversity again!

You hear a lot about "intersectionality" these days. The intersection of reality show pond life and the "social justice" movement has to be the funniest one of all.

Joe Biden is praying like a madman that Harvey Weinstein doesn't endorse him.

What Is Jumah? Security Alert at US Mosques on Muslim Day of Worship After New Zealand Attack: Isn’t “Jumah” an African-American name?

Southern Poverty Law Center fires co-founder, declines to say what he’s alleged to have done

OpSec fail or unspoken threat? Bolton’s ‘5,000 troops’ notepad line ups ante for Venezuela:

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