Slight confusion in about the . The website says it's Wednesday 25th, but there's a Facebook event for today. I'll go on Wednesday and hope I haven't missed it...

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🚨 Scientists, please sign this letter supporting the Global 🚨


Just found Scroll Reverser, a small that allows you to set the scroll direction for the and independently on . One of those tiny things whose impact seems disproportionately large.

I fully endorse the idea of not optimising code until after the first draft, so you can get the design right before objectively finding the areas where optimisations are most needed.

Plus the first round of optimisation is usually spectacular and it feels great! Yesterday's achievement was 9149ms -> 127ms

Windy night last night. My neighbour is out searching for his garden furniture.

Got some filament for my today. Now I just need the printer to turn up...

Fuck fuck fuck I fucked up bad and can’t do anything about it until tomorrow fuck.

It's hard to imagine two weather events killing almost 1,500 people in one country and there being no discernible response.

Looking at ship tracks in the North Atlantic. Apparently the Maria S Merian caused a big earthquake and ran away.

@fribbledom Apologies for still asking you questions about 3D printing. I promise you this is the last and then I'll stop pestering you.

I've decided to by a Sidewinder, but I'm having trouble locating one. Where did you order yours from?

Looking for a : Where's a good site to buy 3d printers & related kit? I'm based in Norway, so Europe-based is preferred.

I used to be a time traveller like you, but then I took the arrow of time in the knee.

Copenhagen Airport is trialling new scanners that don't need you to take your liquids or laptops out of your bag. Much nicer experience.

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