The lorry finally left on Wednesday. That guy was stuck in a layby for over four days.

Easy forum question of the day:

"Is there something wrong with my code? I'm getting a segfault."

Just had a chat with a lorry driver who's been stuck on the side of the road for 27 hours waiting for breakdown assistance. He reckons he'll be waiting until Monday now. Poor bastard.

Writing an awesome piece of back end code is incredibly satisfying on an intellectual level. Hard to say if it's more satisfying than the positive feedback from a simple but effective UI improvement.

One of our group is on maternity leave, and wants to meet up with us. Everyone is so bad at working out when they're free that we need to meet tomorrow to work out a time.

What's the maximum ratio of to vegetables you can have before it no longer qualifies as a salad?

The worst thing about this time of year is that you can oversleep by two hours and it's STILL FRICKING DARK.

I've done two Julegateåpninger, and both have ended up with the band sitting in the pouring rain for an hour. I don't know if that's better than sub-zero temperatures, but the change would be good next year.

Nisse is coming to Salhus. It is my duty to play my tuba at him.

Fun with maps: Moving the largest populations to the largest country areas:

gets to keep its mountains, but the coastline leaves something to be desired...

A remarkable proportion of my favourite come from Seems only fair to give them a few quid, and their annual fundraiser is on now.

Few things are more satisfying in programming than the first round of performance testing, where the big gains are easy. Reducing database calls and a bit of caching has got one process down from 24 minutes to 30 seconds.

Novel ways to get delayed on the way to work: Sheep blocking the road because they're licking up the salt laid down overnight.

-4.5°C outside. If I go for a , that makes me Norwegian, right?

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