48 hours in and still looking good. Thought I'd tempt fate by posting it publicly.

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Purple Pedestal

Going for my height record over the weekend. The base is looking solid enough. Let's see how far it's got in the morning...

It's time for the annual whinge about how HMRC has still yet to realise that online tax forms can work outside the UK just as well as inside, so I have to do it on paper like some 13th century monk.

Unfortunately they don't make the boxes big enough to do proper illuminations.

In the keirin, is it mandatory for the person riding the derny to look as miserable as possible?

Big Ben is actually the name of the bell. The tower is called Frankenstein.

A bug has been splatted on my windscreen more or less in my eye line, and it looks just like a giraffe that's swallowed a frisbee.


Emissions of Ultrafine Particles and Volatile Organic Compounds from Commercially Available Desktop Three-Dimensional Printers with Multiple Filaments


Today in Taking Idioms Literally: Making hay while the sun shines.

Spent some time in KODE Bergen this afternoon. Favourite painting was Johan Christian Dahl's Grave By The Sea. Bit morbid really. Perhaps I should have been a goth.

A ten-year of the from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory. Pretty mesmerising, but I managed to break free before the hour was up.

Fascinating film showing the traditional process of making one-piece wooden pitchforks. I'm especially impressed by the "pitchfork stick" universal tool.


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