Oh, just don’t read the YT comments for that video. An alarming amount of it is open auditions for iamverysmart.

It's not just the technology bring demonstrated, but the use of live vision mixing and remote video link-ups is quite impressive given our current inability to set up Skype meetings reliably.

The Mother Of All Demos (1968) - showing what use you might gain from having direct access to a computer in your office.


Heading out to sea for three weeks next week, which is spectacularly exciting. Tempered by the need to get a whole lot of work done before I go, resulting in weekend working. But it's absolutely worth it.

Another day, another bizarre data format to deal with.

You can train scientists to code, but it will only ever be a secondary skill. This is perhaps one of the greatest challenges in reaching the goals of the principles - interoperability and reusability are hard.

PostGIS is all very clever, but how on earth are you supposed to check that its output is correct?

Me: Damn, I need a thing out of the database that I haven’t loaded yet.

Past Me: I thought you might, so it’s embedded in this class I created 6 months ago that you’ve been using all along.

Me: You magnificant bastard.

Welp. I still dislike being in the water, but I have a certificate to say I probably won't drown myself. So that's something.

Sea survival training today, or How To Be A Rat. Let's see if anything important about fleeing a sinking ship has changed in the last 10 years.

‪Woodswimmer - great stop motion


Facebook just reminded my partner of a visit to the Musée Unterlinden in Colmar a couple of years ago, which in turn reminded me I took one of my favourite photos there...


Just been in a coffee shop that played the Mike Flowers Pops version of Wonderwall, which I don't think I've heard since 1997. I can't decide whether to be impressed or horrified that (a) they were playing it and (b) I recognised it instantly.


I'm always slightly concerned by the Gradle logo. It appears to be an angry elephant preparing to fling a small bird across the landscape.

A lot of people have had trouble getting into this meeting venue. Things made sense* when the clarified instructions started with "Go through the gate marked Do Not Enter"

* For a given value of "made sense"

Returning to after 7 years away. It's taking a long time to remember how it all works (especially now 2.8 has changed everything I might have remembered) but I'm pleased with mesh number 1.

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