In the mood to go out but it's too hot to do much. Found a good spot to sit though.

It's a bunny!

Printed this for a friend's kid. They chose PrintWithSmile's purple satin PLA, and I have to say it's a good choice.


community: Look at all these awesome animations we can make with geometry nodes!

Me: I made a knobbly cylinder.

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First item made with geometry nodes - a simple watch crown. Took a while to get the ridges facing the right direction - being able to rotate the wood texture would have been ideal, but instead I had to mess with the UV coordinates.

Trying to get to grips with geometry nodes. The best approach seems to be giving Suzanne's face a bit of abuse.

The Netatmo app would have me believe that it's almost time to change the battery. Digging into the API data reveals that it's actually at 48% capacity, so still has at least a couple of months to run.

I wonder what the purpose of misleading like this is? Possibly to make sure you get plenty of warning, but it does seem excessive.

Using some Japanese software with some interesting English translations. It has a full-on personal crisis when you close it.

One of the people working at the Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ) is an under-sea archæologist. Most of the found items are returned to the relevant countries, but they have been allowed to keep this propeller from a B17 Flying Fortress.

Epic search/replace is epic. 8 minutes and counting....

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I plagued by garbage date/time formats

Man @ checkin desk, seeing British passport: Did you watch the England-Scotland game?
Me: No, I'm not really into football
Him: I don't think the players were either

Now, how do I pack for an overseas trip again? I used to have this down.

In Norway if you're in quarantine you're allowed to go hiking because not letting people go up mountains is unthinkable.

Last night I dreamt about baked potatoes. On one hand I'm disappointed in my brain's lack of ambition. On the other, it's never been easier to make my dream come true.

Got to love Altibox. They sent a message to warn me that they were doing maintenance so my internet would be going offline. Ten minutes after it came back on.

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