I just sent a message saying:

I'll also publish the SD dataset as L2 in CP and give it a DOI

And now I want to kill myself.

I have no idea when I will use this image, but I'm keeping it until I do.

I know that apps need to encourage people to subscribe to help fund their development, but DuoLingo is getting a bit too pushy.

The start of this morning's video conference is delayed because the main speaker has to change his baby's nappy.

Tuple is one of the most confusing words ever invented. It's so close two 'two' and 'couple' that I always think it should only contain two things.

covid, squicky 

Self-administered covid test today. There's something very unnatural about sticking a cotton bud in the back of your head through your nose - I was thinking "this can't go any further" and the nurse is going "Further! Further!"

Just when you thought that LinkedIn had stopped spamming every email in existence, they insinuate themselves into Microsoft Word to harvest your details straight from the source.

"Your wait time is 42 minutes"
*48 minutes of ring tone*
"Your wait time is 46 minutes"

Spent an interesting hour exploring worldstandards.eu, which contains info on left/right driving, electrical sockets (mapped below), and other odds and ends.

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