I have not fallen into the trap of re-implementing a bunch of code with all the risks that entails. I have jumped into the trap head first.

@squaregoldfish code is stupid. we should be hitting the computers with sticks until they do our bidding instead. violence is the only language computers understand.

@zensaiyuki The other day someone suggested we should just write unit tests then run a random string generator until it makes a program that passes the tests.

@squaregoldfish also, there’s the thing where in the 1960s they called that AI research.

@zensaiyuki Someone should give that the contents of the Wayback machine, then finally we'll have a valid Regex HTML parser.

@squaregoldfish i’ve been contemplating fuzzing the flash plugin. every effort to replicate its behavior has stalled at 60% and i wanna know why.

@squaregoldfish i have a feeling it’s just a giant long tail of weird quirks, each one on its own not seeming like a big deal- the precise way flash parses xml whitespace for instance, but adding up to thousands of little things that make full swf compatibility a bit like mapping the coastline of finland

@zensaiyuki Sounds suitably terrifying. Although I like the idea of a fractal data specification.

@squaregoldfish apparently the format itself isn’t the problem. adobe open sourced the actionscript 3 VM, swf parsers actionscript parsers and so on all 100% implemented and at perfect compatibility. the problem is the exact behavior of the flash renderer and runtime libraries- exactly how the stage and timeline work are particular mysteries.

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