First experiments with tree supports with - they're giving me some distinct baobab vibes!

I'm seriously impressed with the algorithm's ability to navigate around parts it shouldn't touch, but it did end up leaving some fairly large areas unsupported. Perhaps I pushed it too far. I think if I mess with the layout I can get those parts into places where they won't be seen, so it should still turn out well.

One of those magic eye pictures, but the hidden image is a migraine.

Fiddling with building objects procedurally in . Sometimes you find a thing that you wish you'd done on purpose.

I have no idea when I will use this image, but I'm keeping it until I do.

I know that apps need to encourage people to subscribe to help fund their development, but DuoLingo is getting a bit too pushy.

Just when you thought that LinkedIn had stopped spamming every email in existence, they insinuate themselves into Microsoft Word to harvest your details straight from the source.

Spent an interesting hour exploring, which contains info on left/right driving, electrical sockets (mapped below), and other odds and ends.

Kind of worked myself into a corner (well, pentagon) with the most complex topology I've tried yet. Still, the bottom of the model is there to hide the mess, like the back of an embroidery...

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