‪Having the technicians wear big numbers is a great idea for identification, but it does look a bit sinister...

@shadowfacts It's certainly good for ramping up the anticipation. But I have to say I've got plenty of that anyway :)

@catherineweird I have a 100% record of substituting marmalade into things and it being a terrible decision. (n > 1)

Entertaining conversation in a GitHub issue.

"Please don't use Electron - GTK or Qt are much better."

"Can you explain why?"

"I already have GTK and Qt installed, and I don't want to install another library."

Today sees the completion of my first ever plugin. Basically just a macro for an edit I do a lot, but pleasing in its own small way.

The GIMP API takes some getting used to - it always seems to do things in a way I don't expect. But maybe that's because I don't understand how image manipulation software works in general.

And the complete failure to give any kind of error when the script crashes is kind of annoying.

The Norwegian Squash Federation says we can start playing squash again. Players must be 1m apart at all times. You shouldn't use other peoples' racquets, but it's perfectly safe for both players to be handling the ball. 🤔

Fascinating lecture from Martin Rees on the future prospects for Humanity, speaking at
the Long Now Foundation
in early 2019


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