There are two sets of characters for Chinese numerals: one for everyday writing, and one for use in commercial or financial contexts.

The latter arose because the characters used for writing numerals are geometrically simple, so simply using those numerals cannot prevent forgeries.

A forger could easily change the everyday characters 三十 (30) to 五千 (5000) just by adding a few strokes. That would not be possible when writing using the financial characters 參拾 (30) and 伍仟 (5000).


First experiments with tree supports with - they're giving me some distinct baobab vibes!

I'm seriously impressed with the algorithm's ability to navigate around parts it shouldn't touch, but it did end up leaving some fairly large areas unsupported. Perhaps I pushed it too far. I think if I mess with the layout I can get those parts into places where they won't be seen, so it should still turn out well.

Time to decide which dumb data format to deal with next. Options are:

1. One file per record, different fields stored as separate files in separate folders
2. CSV, but columns are only unique if you merge three column header rows together
3. Date is given as decimal day of year, but the file contains no year. Which is critical.

One of those magic eye pictures, but the hidden image is a migraine.

Google is now tracking your visitors for advertising purposes even when you’re not using Google Analytics or Google Ads.

I took a closer look at Google’s FLoC initiative and how you can fight back and opt-out as a web user and a web developer

Just read a hot take by someone who fancies himself a great leader explaining how he expects his employees to work extra hours to make up for the time lost on public holidays.

@galaxis I agree that the message sticks out from the story fairly blatantly, but somehow I didn't mind too much - unlike some others I've read where the authors like to beat you over the head with their message (anvilicious, as the folks at TVTropes call it). Perhaps because it's a relatively simple read (not a criticism) so the message can't be quite so subtle.

I just read the second book in the series. There's some interesting ideas in there - worth a try, I'd say.

joy: just received a data file with the column header line:


The file has a header explaining what the column headers mean. 🤦‍♂️

I assume BitClout is as gross as it sounds, but I know for sure they can't count. Their 'one-pager' explainer is seven pages long. And it does nothing to alter my assumption.

The Norwegian tax authority has pulled out all the stops on its new tax return website. Really clear and easy to use.

Want to start a new programming project, but I could also write a whole library first to support it that isn't really necessary (although it would have its own merits). So do I shave this enormous yak or not?

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