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the first thing I've made from scratch. My brother asked me to make a sheath for a carving tool. First I need a mockup of the tool to work with, built in from photos.

Psalm 104:24: O Lord, how manifold are Your works!
Cura: LOL No.

It is with a heavy heart that I must announce that I have acquired the internal organs of an African elephant.

Sitting in a meeting where people are arguing over whether a particular feature is required and worth the effort. Said feature was implemented 5 months ago.

When you're using a hot glue gun, is there such a thing as Too Much? I'm definitely erring towards No.

Sometimes you have to punish people for reading the documentation.

Passive aggressiveness in plastic: First attempt to dissuade the birds who like to sit on my rain gauge and drop in stuff that isn't rain.

The boys from Yello are still going at the age of 68/75, and I have to say I quite like this one. Video by Dirk Koy.

Starting work on a rig with touch screen control using a and , with weather info from my
@netatmo station. First up, learning how to put stuff on the screen.

I bought the screen about 7 years ago, and only just got round to doing something with it. Please ignore the terrible soldering job.

All the icons come from, which is a brilliant place to get such things.

Listening to a podcast on cryptocurrencies bemoaning the fact that their utopian dream of completely decentralised, unregulated currency systems has been used by people who are less than reputable and have stolen a bunch of money. Even more astounding, at least one major fraud was discovered by a regulatory body. Who would have thought?

Had a fun evening investigating a climate nutter (doesn't even qualify as a denier). You can tell he's lying because he said he gave a presentation at a conference and all the scientists agreed with him. That has never happened. Ever.

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