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Follow my Pixelfed account at
to screenshots of my desktops and code snippets

So apparently it’s World Book Day, so... read a book I guess!


This is How Easy It Is to Lie With Statistics
Amazing video explaining statistical lies

Published my first blog
foll0w me

Started using turtl. This is the one I wanted from the start a neat bookmarking with images with client side encryption.🤩

Just created my peertube account.
Plan on starting a peertube channel.

Tutanota released a dedicated desktop clients for free😍 . Waiting for this moment form a long time.
thanks @Tutanota

Glad to be recommended as the top alternative! 😀 "This makes Tutanota arguably the best choice for private emails."

"An unsecured database exposed millions of records of Chinese Muslims being tracked via facial recognition — an ugly trifecta of prejudice, bureaucracy and incompetence."

Most of my research on privacy is listed on this single article

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