Every time I think about inviting more people to mastodon I remember how much porn there is here...and I think to myself...do I really wanna share

First the Internet gave us access to everything. Then it gave everything access to us.

Me: *typing code on pc...line 1323*
My 4 year old: “Daddy, what you doing?”
Me: “I really don’t know, son”
My 4 year old: “ok”
Me: “ok”

The decentralized web is a vision of users in control of information access and sharing of data.

But it's complicated - a new paradigm means new language, concepts, patterns, tools.

So we're looking for a documentationarianist to communicate this new world with us:
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Tech writers & other friends! We at @protocollabs are looking for someone with killer chops & ability to turn complex code into c…

List all the people/organisations you wish were on mastodon, I’ll start


Sometimes I open my computer, see the last few (uncommented) lines of code and I close it and go watch TV coz crap!

So I have come to realize that Mastodon people are cat people

Today is World Day Against Cyber . The story of ProtonMail user Natalya Radina serves as a powerful reminder of why we must fight for online freedom: protonmail.com/blog/lifetime-a

I need to use my devices more productively...my most used apps on my phones are whatsapp, Twitter and mastodon

My 5 most used applications:

1. Mail
2. Safari
3. Numbers
4. Vlc
5. Eclipse

What are yours?

Can someone explain to me why my HUAWEI allows 3rd party apps to show ads on my lock screen? Or is it just me🤦🏽‍♂️

Who the hell is responsible for cleaning the empty cans and pill bottles in PUBG? That is one brilliant person 👏🏽

Vampires aren’t allergic to garlic, that’s a rumor they started in order to get people to season themselves.

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