@squid lmao. it's clearly perjury see how far you can take that

@squid translation of infringement description from capitalist to english: "dear fellow brand, this consumer is making art we don't agree with, please stop them."

I'm glad twitter is finally closed. You did *win* twitter, so, what more is there?

@squid btw if you contest that someone at the EFF would probably love to represent you

@squid imaging the flustered social media employee personally offended writing that up

@squid Didn't you know that offending people is covered under copyright law now? Yeah it was the hallmark case of Landon vs Butthurt Bertha in Apruary of 201🟃.

(No you can't have any of what I'm smoking.)

How can it violate their copyright if THEY GAVE PERMISSION? :blobfrowningbig:

@squid They're covering up the truth of how Cheney and Socks did it

@squid I am not a fan of 9/11 jokes. That said, this is clearly satire and should be protected under fair use. I don't think Cheez-Its has a valid claim here. Disappointing to see Twitter complied with such a ridiculous DMCA notice.

@squid "a photoshopped image is showing our Cheez-It cracker hitting the Twin Towers" is one of the most amazing sentences i've ever read

@healyn @squid it's no use, this is the people's cheez-it now! It's out of your hands!

@squid what I'm getting from this is that Cheez-It definitely did 9/11 and is trying to cover it up

@squid my coworkers looked a bit confused when i just started laughing like a maniac

@squid do you have the original cheezit hitting the twin towers image? Can you post it here?

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