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Y'all better make sure you're registered to vote. We gotta boot out the GOP grotesques

the emperor's clothes are that people had a high opinion of this guy once upon a time

Honestly if you told me that the result of the most wide spread and lethal pandemic in decades would result in multiple states going full anti-vax instead of the exact opposite I would have said you're an even bigger cynic than I and yet here we are.

twitter post/US crime 

this guy fucking stinks. this is such a disingenuous framing, and when it comes from a guy who's ostensibly liberal, it provides leverage to the scummiest people in this country

@peptostate he's literally nothing like a spider. He only has four limbs. he only has two eyes.
and where are his pedipalps? If he's really a "spider" man, then where are his pedipalps?

And on the first day of the earth God made themself a sandwich and snacked upon it.
When god had worked up a bit of energy and motivation, they created Lilith and Adam in their own image.
But god wanted to see more titties so they made Eve too. Then he watched them with omnipotent eyes 👀

God: "I'd fuck me."

What if god was one of us?

read ya book!

STEAM: Your friend is now playing Hearts of Iron IV
Friends list:
David is playing Hearts of Iron IV: German Reich 1943


Is this against praxis? Is such gaming allowed???

star wars is muppets and star wars has always been muppets

104 years later and marcel duchamp STILL lives rent free in the heads of traditionalists lmfaooooo

socialism is when the workers all share the same toilet. communism is when the workers all share an entire bathroom

New wave of terror and killings in Palestine shows once again that settler colonialism is not a fait accompli, is not a sin of the past, but an ongoing campaign of ethnic cleansing that structures our world in the present

One perk to not using Mastodon much is coming back to days and days of posts.
Sending love to everyone out there ❤️

Been phonebanking for brother Bernard. I've had 3 boomers threaten to sue me for "illegal" calls 🤭🤣

I'm calling people for mr Bernard sanders. Pretty fun to talk to random Americans about politics one on one

reading capital at 17 and realizing that the world is fucked forever is the same thing as entering a warlock pact with a god

KARL MARX: as long as there is commodity to be fetishized and worker profits to be taken, they will be taken by the ruling class to service their revenue source
ME, 17: ah shit this is probably going to fuck up my life forever
ROTHGAR, THE UNKNOWABLE: in this cursed plane of existence the only living lexicon is power, i will lend you mine.. at a cost
ME, EYES GLOWING WITH ARCANE POWER, IN A WARLOCK ROBE: ah shit this is probably going to fuck up my life forever

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