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Y'all better make sure you're registered to vote. We gotta boot out the GOP grotesques

One perk to not using Mastodon much is coming back to days and days of posts.
Sending love to everyone out there ❤️

Been phonebanking for brother Bernard. I've had 3 boomers threaten to sue me for "illegal" calls 🤭🤣

I'm calling people for mr Bernard sanders. Pretty fun to talk to random Americans about politics one on one

reading capital at 17 and realizing that the world is fucked forever is the same thing as entering a warlock pact with a god

KARL MARX: as long as there is commodity to be fetishized and worker profits to be taken, they will be taken by the ruling class to service their revenue source
ME, 17: ah shit this is probably going to fuck up my life forever
ROTHGAR, THE UNKNOWABLE: in this cursed plane of existence the only living lexicon is power, i will lend you mine.. at a cost
ME, EYES GLOWING WITH ARCANE POWER, IN A WARLOCK ROBE: ah shit this is probably going to fuck up my life forever

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I'm lower management at my job and one of the hourly workers is telling me that the new guy "hasn't learned anything and is lazy". First, definitely untrue... New guy has demonstrated learning a lot already and last Monday was his first day. We've been busy and I've seen the dude hustling all the time.
Second, who shit talks the new guy to their shift manager?

when you're at a job interview and they ask you what your best qualities are

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Join a tenants/renters Union in your city!
Even if your landlord hasn't screwed you yet, they're probably in a landlords association that encourages them to screw you.

I thought i had a good landlord but after renting for 9 years and him failing to break rent control laws he is now trying to scam me by sending me renovation bills. Funny thing is that because he's such a sloppy con-artist I will now be able to get double my deposit back 😊


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Jeff Bezos is the closest thing we have to an IRL Bond villain, where Elon musk is an old school Batman villain who desperately WANTS to be a Bond villain

Resting bitch face more like we expect women to perform artificial friendliness and femininity even when they’re literally alone and not talking to anyone

capitalism is the black-and-white part of an infomercial

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